Monday, February 21, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. is this not the perfect party for me?
i mean... honestly.

2. pinwheel earrings! that i would lose! in a second!
found on I Am A Greedy Girl.

3. love this endangered map!
found on Pret a Voyager.

4. love this garland. what a perfect, cheap decoration for my tiny room.

5. some girls make hats look so chic.
like Carmen Sandiego. She was so chic! too bad we never knew where she was.

6. i mean, that paper's just gorgeous.
but flowers bum me out, they remind me of funerals.
via the lovely You Are My Fave.

7. oh shoot. you know i love red hair!
found at Oh Joy!

8. anthropologie wedding dress. oh my god.
found on A Cup of Jo.

9. what am i? i don't know. but i'm cute!
{these look like Banjo. for those who know who Banjo is.}

10. ok, this is Banjo.

have a good monday!

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