Friday, February 4, 2011

You Are a/an ____________.

Baby's first improv class.

I remember my very first improv class like it was yesterday. Probably because it was the scariest thing I'd ever done at the time. We were instructed to walk around the space. The instructor would say calming things and tell us to check in with ourselves and lock eyes with each other. Then he said, “Right now, you’re all improvisers. You’re not an aspiring improviser or an improviser-in-training, you’re doing it."

While I was still shy, awkward and nowhere near ready to be thrown on a stage - that still stuck out to me. “I’m doing it! I’m improvising!” It made me feel better and more confident, and eventually I took my hands out of my pockets and stopped staring at the ground in scenes. Instead I started throwing myself on the ground.

I’m in the middle of a 21-day yoga challenge  {I'm on day 12 and it's awesome, thank you} and as I was doing it the first time, I applied that same mentality. I’m not trying to be a yogi {because i'm not a bear! hahaha! get it?} It’s not an “I’ll get there someday” type of thing – I’m doing it. I’m doing yoga. I’m a yoga… viser.

It's just nice to know that there's nothing we can't do. {Except fly.}  It’s just my experience that applying that rule to everything you’re doing makes you feel more confident with your abilities. Even mundane things… like walking. Guys, we're not walkers in training. WE ARE WALKERS!

Also, here's a weird quote from an old blog I had during high school/beginning of college. It's from August 2005 and I wasn't even good! So imagine how I feel now! The same.
I thought I loved improv before, but I did not know. I did not know anything about improv... except that it was funny and I'd love to be able to do it. Now.. I love improv even more then I ever thought I would. Before, I wanted to make a career out of it.. just because it could possibly lead me to SNL.. and it'd be fun. Now, I absolutely love it. When I'm at improv.. I'm happy. Whether I'm fucking up.. or doing AWESOME.. I just feel so in my place. I don't think about outside shit.  I just think about what's going on that moment.  I used to think that it was what I wanted to do with my life for no apparent reason then it was funny and looked fun. Now I want to make a career out of it because I am GENUINELY happy doing it.

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