Friday, March 4, 2011

brb, going to Vegas.

from Kate Spade, as usual.

I'm leaving tomorrow night for Las Vegas!

I know I go like, every other day. But each time I do, I get so excited! I can't wait to land on the strip (twss) at night with its lights all bright. And sit by a pool (even if it's only 70ish degrees!) And eat a steak. And take a nap during the day. And yell at the virtual black jack dealer! And drink a giant frozen pina colada out of an Eiffel Tower cup. And... have fun with my friends.

5 Things I Hope To Do That I Haven't Done Yet:
1. Go to old Vegas.
2. Have an In-n-Out burger.
3. Win a million dollars.
4. Marry someone.
5. See the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

But chances, I'll probably do what I usually do!
Hotbox in a car. Naturally.
Have a good weekend.
You should have fun with your friends.

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