Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Las Vegas Picture Time.

So I went to Vegas last week. I stayed there.
I have twice before, this time the room was pretty gross.

The weather was a little too cold.
Well, just not HOT. But Savage made a good siren of TI.

The view from our room wasn't so bad, though.
We could see the Bellagio fountains go off.

And the flamingos and palm trees weren't so bad.

At least I got the franks out!
{see the arch of my foot? that arch gives me a lot of painful problems.}

Vegas is all class all the time.

The Venetian is a pretty ugly hotel. As you can see.

It's just like real Paris!

And I couldn't not include this:
the obligatory Vegas viewing of iCarly.

Until next time, city of sin.
{the only sinning I did was accidentally waking up far too early.}

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