Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. hello to you, too, sign!
via Woo!

2. these pictures are so perfectly french.

3. new york makes my heart skip a beat.
thanks, kate spade.

4. keep these far away from me.

5. vintage shades of color. totally love.

6. kinda geekin out about this harry potter tattoo.
{y'know, of the patronus spell. WHICH SAVED HARRY AND SIRIUS.}

7. uh oh, i love this HP tattoo as well.
{don't worry. i'm not getting one.}

8. Kate Winslet from the April issue of Glamour. she's so gorgeous!
{i love when spring magazine issues start coming out!}

9. the Pen Pal dress from the Red Velvet Spring Collection.

10. this vintage advertisement about... advertising.
i think it's funny how much small text ads used to have.

happy monday!
i'm in vegas!

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