Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Is What Sick Looks Like

That is exactly how I've spent the last few nights.
I'm sick and I don't know what I have.
I'm just tired all the time and I don't think it's mono. I hope it's not mono.

However, it's lead me to re-watch seasons 1-3 of The Office. And I forgot exactly how much I loved Jim and Pam. Like, obsessively. I wouldn't go to bed last night until they reunited at the end of Season 3! It's the best. They're the best. And then they get boring. Because, y'know, they get married and have a baby and they're not flirting and playing tricks and getting jealous of each other. That's what I loved most!

I think my favorite TV character of all time might be Andy from Parks and Rec. But my favorite TV couple of all time is definitely Jim and Pam. Even through the boring bits.

So, that's what sick looks like. Over-tired and suuuuper pathetic!

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