Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This One Goes Out To

In November 2007, I went to Chicago with Seriously Bent. We performed in the first College Improv Tournament. We did terrible. We had the time of our lives. Even though we took this picture after we lost (miserably)... we're all so happy! And cold. So cold. I forgot to bring a coat. Like a dumb idiot.

Seriously Bent went to Chicago last week for their fourth College Improv Tournament! This is the first year I haven't gone in support. Turns out, once you're out of college, the college stops paying for your trip and you have to come up with the money on your own. Boo. I'm sad I couldn't go (but, I'm like, going to Vegas this week and all). Granted, I didn't perform with anyone that's on the team now. However, I love them all. (Especially my little Cavbot!) and I supported them by watching the live webcast on my bed... without wearing pants! 

However, that doesn't compare to actually being there. Cheering for them, crying at their success, being a proud older sister and hugging them really hard. I'd love to have seen awesome shows, helped my underage friends smuggle drinks at a bar, played hacky sack for hours outside and gone outside to see Josh, Dan and Tony with a surprise limo. Although, it's not 2007... so the trip probably wouldn't have gone like that. And now instead of 3 gay uncles (which is what we called those 3), we have 9 gay uncles and 3 lesbian aunts!

In honor of my Seriously Bent family, here are some Chicago memories:

Old-school Kelly and Trevor. Kelly's sneakers smelled so bad that we hid them in a drawer in the hotel room and almost threw them out the window. They were sentimental to her because she had them since high school... SHE STILL HAS THEM.

Little Nick and Wilson. So snarky, so condescending. I remember this cab ride well.

Shows at The Second City.

 Jules and I at Howl at the Moon. So many buckets of booze.

 These people are the best I've ever met in my life.
p.s. happy march! spring is almost here.

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