Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Friday.

My company has decided to give us Patriots' Day off now, because it's a Boston holiday. That means I get an unexpected long weekend {except, I was kind've the leader in making this holiday become a thing, so I've been expecting it all along.}

Last night was my first mainstage show at IA. I got called in at the last minute, so I wasn't planning on it, which made it easier to do for some reason. I knew I was stepping in next week, so I've been thinking about it. But then when I was thrown in right away, I was less nervous. It went really well. I'm excited to be a part of it!

Anyways, the weekend's here. I plan on doing something that involves having money, taking pictures, seeing my friends do their sketch and improv revue with Seriously Bent {remember when I did that, like three years ago} and sleeping a whole lot. Now, I'm imagining my dream home. So here's some art from 20x200 {which you should check out, if you have any interest in affordable independent artists.}

Ferry from Ardrossan Harbor  by  Laura Bell.
i love the water.

the overachievers by claire grill.  

jacks by katie baum.

overheard on the titanic by austin kleon.

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