Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Friday.

Oh my god, the weekend has arrived! I'm so excited. The worst part of this week was everything. In the beginning of the week I made plans for the weekend and that's just the worst thing in the world. When you're excited for the weekend, the week crawls by like a dumb snail. But, regardless, it's here!

I'm dreaming of tattoos. And haircuts. And therapeutic massages. And manicures and pedicures. But not of paying my rent.

Here are pictures from The Art of Pixar. Pixar movies are awesome. Wall-E's my favorite, despite its nagging about saving the Earth. I mean, c'mon! The amount of time and work that goes into animated movies astounds me and Pixar does a pretty amazing job at combining beautiful animation with heartfelt stories. 

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