Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Most Feminist Post Ever.

Here is Jane Curtain telling Oprah about the misogynistic environment at SNL during her time. She said that John Belushi would sabotage pieces that were written by women and said that women were "fundamentally not funny." Clearly, she has a lot of resentment. I would, too. She didn't seem to think that her and Gilda being on the show was groundbreaking - but I do. Sure, it may have sucked for them. Maybe Jane in particular because she was probably as vocal and bitter about it then as she is now and Gilda seemed to have gone with the flow, which made everyone like her. But - in 1975, it was really hard, but they paved the way and it got better over the years. And now we have Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and all these hilarious women leading sitcoms and movies, and it's awesome.

I like Jane Curtain. I feel like we're very similar - because I'd be just as mad about it. And I still get mad about it today. Because while it's "better", it's not GREAT. And I have to deal with people like John Belushi still, I mean literally just in the past week or so someone has said something totally shitty to me that I would not have been told otherwise if I were not a girl. But, hey, sometimes you have to bite your tongue and deal with it even if you want to erupt and punch everybody in their big, dumb faces.

And... here is a video of Stephen Colbert defending Planned Parenthood. He's very funny. Like TBS.

And that, my dears, is my most feminist post ever. GIRL POWER!


Betsy said...

The best part is she is sitting next to Chevy Chase.

Our Youth said...

Great post.


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