Monday, April 4, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. really awesome stairs.

2. no, you ah.
You Are My Fave.

3. when I saw these shoes on Delightful Dozen, I was ready to buy them.
then i realized they're Christian Louboutin. so... nevermind.

4. she has perfect style and hair. PERFECT.

5. what a clever idea.
found on Bleubird Vintage.

6. what a perfect, summery dress.

7. i'm obsessed with lace. SUE ME.
found on Oh Joy!

8. vintage polaroid camera.

9. i want a trench and hunterboots. now!
found here.

10. henry. the owl finger puppet.

i have been having the busiest few weeks.
and it's not over yet. not even close.
but whatever, girls just wanna have fun right? totally.

happy monday!

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