Monday, April 11, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. mason jars with color!

2. this wall.
from Oh Joy!


4. pretty red hair.
both images found on Dirty Pretty Things.

5. speaking of red hair,
i love the cover of Cosmo this month.
{though i really don't like the magazine.}
6. i love Natalie Dee.
7. rubber ducky in a pothole!
Color Me Katie.

8. Mt. Washington. i climbed it once... by train.
i really want to go to North Conway this summer.

9. pretty pretty brigitte.
found on the Delightful Dozen.

10. i'm in love with this girl's tattoos.
i want to get another one so bad!
found on A Beautiful Mess.

happy monday!
it's going to be 65 degrees today!

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