Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Me on my 2nd birthday.

Today's my 25th birthday! I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've been having a quarter life crisis for the past few months, so that's all taken care of. Since all of you who read this blog are glad that I was born. And since you all know how much I love talking about myself. I'm going to give you 25 facts about me that you may or may not know!

1. My eyes are grey and blue. They change with my mood. Blue = happy! Grey = mad/sad. So... my eyes are grey.

2. I don’t have a passport. Therefore, I’ve never left the country. But I've been to Epcot.

3. Quentin Tarantino movies are my favorite movies.

4. When I like someone’s handwriting, I adopt {steal} it. Right now it’s a mix of my friends Jess and Dana. Add in a little cursive laziness and you’ve got the Patty.

5. I’ve got CRAZY freckles all over my calves/ankles and that’s why I call them my “franks” {freckled ankles}. They first appeared two years ago after a horrible sunburn I got from falling asleep on the greenway.

6. Don’t be mad at me, but I never return library books!!!!

7. My first kiss was in my friend’s living room when I was 13. I was wearing a shirt that said, “I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day” that I bought at Hot Topic. We broke up shortly after. Both me and the guy and me and the friend. I’m an impressive kisser!

8. I irrationally love Sandra Bullock. I think it’s because of “Speed” and “While You Were Sleeping” and “Every Other Movie She’s In”

9. Every day, I thank my lucky stars that the Motown record label was created.

10. I have an oversized picture frame in my living room that holds pictures of my friends Matt and Casey. It’s only in my living room because my roommate thinks it’d be weird if I put it in my room. {She's probably right.}

11. I still do my laundry at my parents' house every weekend. Just kidding. My mom does.

12. Putting up my family’s Christmas tree is my favorite activity of the year. As long as I’m sitting on the couch watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and not actually the one putting up the tree.

13. I never thought I’d be a “runner” until I actually started doing it and realized I still have no intentions of ever becoming one. That shit hurts your joints!

14. I saw my first mainstage show at IA in 2001 and thought, “I want to do that.” In 2011, I’m doing that.

15. Mad Men changed my life. Not only is it an awesome TV show. But it changed the way I dress and its slow pacing has made me more patient while watching TV and movies.

16. Because of my love for “Arrested Development” and basically the whole current {and very smart} NBC Thursday night line-up, I have become a gross comedy snob towards nearly every other generic sitcom.

17. “The Rat King’s thrown” is a folding chair next to a shovel on a back staircase. I won't explain it. Just know it exists.

18. I am happiest when I turn off my technological devices and disconnect from the world. I am saddest when I turn them all back on and see zero calls/texts/notifications.

19. I lost 30 pounds in the last year. I like my new shoulders the best.

20. I have weird fascinations with Adolph Hitler and Ed Gein. Also, I’m going to kill you.

21. My favorite food is sometimes mango but always bacon.

22. I once sang the song "Can I Get A" at karaoke with one of my co-workers. The lyrics are "You ain't gotta  be rich but fuck that, how we gon get round on your buss pass, before I put this pussy on your mustache." So you can imagine how appropriate it was.

23. I don't have cable. I thought I couldn't live without it. Look at me! Living! {Although, it helps to have internet and Netflix.}

24. I once dared my sister {along with our friends} to eat a dog bone and gave her $5. When she threw it up, I took the $5 back. I once needed to borrow a large amount of money for a root canal from my sister, she gave it to me. Something tells me there’s a lack of balance in our relationship.

25. My dreams are this big: {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}. My laziness/fear/procrastination is much bigger.

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