Friday, May 13, 2011

Art Friday: Stress Levels

I had a whole post written out and it was great. It would have made you laugh and cry as much as a book with Fabio on the cover would. But then Blogger went down and it was deleted. Oh well.

Next week’s my birthday. I’m kind of an idiot for my birthday. I love it so much. It’s probably because everyone’s happier in May! I mean, take a look around you. You’ve got flowers all over the place. You’ve got bare legs. You’ve got puppies everywhere. You’ve got girls inappropriately dressed in short skirts and high heels. And you’ve got guys showing off their calves. It’s a time for everyone! Oh, I also love my birthday because it’s a day all about me. Me me me!

I had a day at work yesterday where I realized, “Holy shit. I’ve reached my limit. I need some time off.” So this sweetheart (my co-workers would not agree with that term of endearment) has scheduled a long weekend next weekend. I will get a massage, a manicure and pedicure, maybe I’ll sleep past noon but I’ll definitely drink a bottle of champagne. Regardless, a happier Patty will return to work that following week and I can’t wait. I’m sad I’m not going anywhere (I don’t have time or money), but here are some pictures of great destinations:

Youngna Park. salmon hole. chico, california.

Carlo Van de Roer. blue lagoon. iceland.

Youngna Park. brooklyn.

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