Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hi My Name is Casey Hi

To celebrate Casey's silver streaks of hair catching up with his age, here are:

Five Things To Love on a Casey's Birthday:

 1.  this guy from Vampire Diaries, which he watches, that kind of looks like him.

2. iCarly doll.

3. Clover on a rollercoaster.

4. An iced, cold Newcastle.

5. Tiger Belt Buckle.
Happy  birthday Casey Elizabeth! You're the best friend ever! Thanks for always telling me I'm amazing, letting me send you pictures of cute animals and indulging my stupid bits. {I.e. when I sneeze, get really scared and you tell me I'm still there.} I hope you read a lot of poop stories today.

P.S. I love you! The movie!

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