Monday, May 23, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. this is everything I want.

2. instant comfort pocket box. so cute.
You Are My Fave.

3. amelia earhart stamps! 8 cents!
Kate Spade.

4. this reminds me of hampton beach and where's waldo.
again, Kate Spade.

5. i love bananas.

6. this is the perfect chair.
Katie Maennle has a lot of great designs.

7. brings a whole new meaning to banana boat.

8. how cool.
that's my next tattoo. ;)

9. colorful bible.
found on Black Eiffel.
10. hat collection from Rifle Paper Co.

happy monday!
i have the day off from work so life is awesome.
i had a pretty drunk and awesome weekend.

i celebrated my birthday on friday night at howl at the moon. it was such a fun night! so many people came out and we drank big blue buckets of alcohol and danced on stage.

then i fell on the way home and scraped my knees so bad that i look like a whore. i mean, they're real bad. like probably infected.

then it was my friend brian's last night at IA. i think he reminded all of us just how lucky we are. we complain so much in that theater about things we can't control. it was so nice to be on the same side for once. {even if for just one tiny second} we were just having fun with our friends.

that was the longest "things to love" post ever! but sometimes i need to remind myself of all the little great things i have in my life. 

barrett out!

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