Thursday, June 2, 2011

25 Years Young

I didn't take pictures at my birthday party because the only cameras I have are my Canon Rebel and the new instant Polaroid. They're both kind've too big / expensive to carry around all the time. Especially when I know I'll be drunk. But that's where Mary comes in! She has the perfect little camera for perfect opportunities like this.

We went to Howl at the Moon. Which is the type of bar I thought I would hate, but I absolutely love it. It's so stupid, but I always have the most fun time every time I go. Way back to when I first went in Chicago with Julia, Becca, Tony and Dan.

Flashback 2008:

Cut to 2011:Except this time, no Julia :(

Beginning of the night!
No bruised knees yet!
P.s. that's my new tattoo.

So many giant straws.

Dancing and humidity hair!

Monster hand!

All my friends dancing on stage. Singing Backstreet Boys.

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