Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Over Yourself!

Watch Conan O'Brien's final Tonight Show speech here.
It's worth it.

I have a general rule in my life to not associate myself with people who aren't worth my time. I don't mean that in a bitchy way. I mean, if someone is an asshole and generally not worth being around because they negatively affect me, then I'm not going to be their friend. Or follow them on Twitter. The obvious ultimate BURN.

I also don't want to be around people who complain about A. things they can't control or B. things they can fix but are too lazy so they complain about it. {Hi, everyone at my day job!} I could sit around all day and talk about how I'm annoyed that things aren't going my way or I think I deserve to be HERE but I'm only here. But if I did that, what would happen? Nothing! I'd talk myself into a bad mood and remain angry and eat ice cream and cry and watch "Now and Then" and nothing would get done because I was too bitter. So I choose to go with the flow, even if I'm annoyed, and work hard to get where I want to be. And yes, there are times when I slip up and complain - and I always feel terrible afterwards. Although that might be because of the ice cream.

So many people around me {and I'm talking about in both jobs and all social circles} love to complain or talk shit about people for no reason. Or they question other people's life choices, or a company's choices, because they don't agree with it. I'd love to ask some of them "What are you doing with your life?" or  "What direction are YOU moving in?" and even better, "Do you even have a job?" {Maybe that's specific to only one very angry out-of-work person.} The only person anyone should be worrying about is themself. And if you aren't even in a good place in your own life, then who are you to say someone else isn't doing something right?

This weekend I was surrounded by it! Man, I couldn't tune out the negative talk around me! I tried to keep conversations light hearted and just stuck with bits instead of leading conversations down a negative road. I had SO MUCH FUN doing shows and really, that's my only job! Then I see people whispering or complaining or outright telling me to "shut the fuck up." I thought, "Are we all supposed to be treated like shit and just accept it because that's the way it is?" F THAT S IN THE A. As Ryan McFarland would say, "SMOKE YOU."

What I need to remind myself is why I'm doing what I do. I love performing. I love doing shows. I love writing sketches and having fun with my cast mates {by grossing them out}, I love making people laugh! It's not always going to be awesome and not every joke is going to hit, but at least I'm doing what I love.

I'll let everyone else continue to treat each other poorly. I can't control them. I'm going to be nice, work hard and let good things happen to me. I know everyone else is absolutely perfect and totally fulfilled with what they're getting out of their lives. I hope to get there one day too! But I'm choosing to be positive and optimistic while I'm on my way.

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