Friday, June 17, 2011

Happys Fridays.

Yesterday sucked, huh? I mean, it really sucked. It was the worst. From start to finish, there was nothing to like about yesterday at all. Except maybe lunch with Mary on the porch. Everything else? Terrible. I got into a huge fight (which I haven't done in YEARS), my internet wasn't working so I couldn't watch Cheers, I had a bad show, I received unfortunate news... I mean, really. It was awful.

So, here's a list of happy things:

*fake tanner making my legs look suuuuper tan
*early release fridays.
*the awesome father's day gifts i got my dad from Pinhole Press.
*cute guys.
*dying my hair ombre on my own.
*stevie wonder's "if you really love me"
*that picture of Casey. it's not his birthday. it's just a funny pic i found.

happy friday y'all!

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