Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey MJ.

Today is the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. I'll remember the day like it was yesterday! I was on my way to an AC show and read someone's status message while on the T. Then I cried while listening to "You Are Not Alone" because it was only 1 of 3 Michael Jackson songs I had on my iPod. I was so foolish back then. I wasn't even that into Michael Jackson. And since that day, I've been obsessed. Literally. It's the weirdest thing.

Last year I was in Vegas during it and woke up to a text from Casey that said, "One Year." Man. I wish I was in Vegas right now. That suite was awesome. So was that pool.

Admittedly, "Thriller" is not my favorite Michael Jackson song or video for that matter. But I'm posting it anyway. It was his top-selling album, it made him the biggest star in the world and it was on his terms. He wanted to do something that transformed him into something else because he was so self-conscious.  Read the article, "The Thriller Diaries" from last year's Vanity Fair. It's good. Very long. But I also have ADD.

Side note, yesterday I was cleaning out my room and taking stock of what I had on my walls. 2 pin-up posters, 3 Degas dancers, one random couple dancing, 2 pictures of Tina Fey, 1 picture of Christina Hendricks and 4 pictures of Michael Jackson. Basically, I am a lesbian... and the only guy I like is a possible pedophile who built a ranch named after a fairytale place where children were always children and never had to grow up. So, I'm pretty normal.

So, here's to Michael Jackson. He would have been 52. And really, really weird. But you made the best music dude! Keep it real.

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