Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To Dress Like A Man

The other day, I was mistaken for a lesbian.
No, really.
The conversation went a little like:

 I think you and I should get really drunk and dmamdsaasdjkl
{i couldn't really hear}

(slightly offended b/c i thought he was insinuating we do stuff)

I think you and I should get drunk and have deep conversations about improv and life and women.

Yeah, that'd be... wait... women? Do you think I'm a lesbian?

You're not?

So, that happened. I laughed about it, because I do think it's funny. I'm not. I like men too much! But if I were born a lesbian, I'd be proud of it! But, I do really love menswear. I love button down gingham shirts, watches, oxfords, briefcases... so, here's a line-up of menswear inspired things I like. To appease that masculine side of me.

Earth Meets Sky brogue from Modcloth.

boyshirt with khaki skirt.
 (literally called boy shirt) both from j.crew.

or chambray and jeans.

and a nice men's watch from Timex.


Carolynn Cecilia said...

How did you fit so much awesome in one post? I love every little item here. You're like my style genie. Thanks for the inspiration.

Patty Barrett said...

Yay! Thanks for being so nice. And you're welcome!


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