Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ladies and the Trevor

I've been trying something new lately. I've been hanging out with girls. I spend a lot of time surrounded by boys and that's fun and I love them. But every now and then, a gal needs another gal to share a bottle of white wine with ice cubes in it. And several chicken kabobs at a bar. And many scorpian bowls.

Even if we're hanging out at the Hong Kong. Which, yes, I'd love to trash. But every time we go there (which is more often than I'd like to admit) we have a lot of fun. We dance, sometimes we sing karaoke and we always have fun walking home. If there's anything I can say about my group of friends it's that we have a REALLY GREAT TIME walking home from places. What a dumb thing.

Trevor eventually joined us. Because he's one of the girls, too. And yes, at one point we both started eating a chicken kabob from both ends and met at the middle. Also, we choked and died.

{dancing with myself.}

{we're being the spice girls}

{chicken on a stick.}

{our lady trevor.}

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