Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tiny Temps

After seeing Bridesmaids over the weekend, I am absolutely smitten with Kristen Wiig. Also, I've recently grown a soft spot for Jason Sudeikis. You see... a friend of mine named Ashley posed a question to me last week. She said, "If you had a comedy male counterpart, who would it be?" Meaning, what famous male comedian do I most resemble? {Humor-wise.} And I couldn't figure it out for the longest time! And then I narrowed it down to maybe Jason Sudeikis. Keeping in mind, of course, my female counterpart is clearly Tina Fey.

I read an interview with them in Newsweek and they explained one of their favorite sketches that never made it on air. I don't know about you guys, but I would LOVE to see this make it to the live show next season! Do it, guys! {I'm pretty sure they read my blog.}

On their favorite SNL skits that never made it on air …

Sudeikis: Remember “Tiny Temps”?
Wiig: Basically, we were hired as temps in an office, but we were three inches tall, and didn’t we, like, kidnap Alec Baldwin’s daughter?
Sudeikis: Alec Baldwin was the host, and we talked in little tiny voices, and we became quite devious. I don’t know if there was murder involved, but there was certainly kidnapping and a ransom note. It was goofy, and then it got really dark. We had a theme song!
Wiig: “Tiny Temps, Tiny Temps, they’ll fax your fax, get your letters sent. Their business suits are small, they’re only three inches tall … Tiny Temps!”

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