Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Tiredest

Oh, hey guys. It's me, Patty. Let's talk about things.

I have a summer cold. I'm sick. My throat feels like it's closing on me and I'm so miserably exhausted {that could have  to do with the fact that despite being sick, i got really drunk last night and went to cafe pompeii with trevor & matt instead of going home to sleep...} But the good news is... it's Fourth of July weekend! I totally want to be sick during that! I mean, I got this outdoor party to go to on Friday night... and rehearsal and shows on Sunday, followed by an indoor party. I WANT TO BE SICK DURING THAT.

Last night was the launch party for Vanity Project, IA's TV show! It's premiering this Saturday night at midnight. We watched the first episode and it was really funny. So, you should watch it then or DVR it or do whatever it is that you do.  We also had fun launching it. I drank so much wine in honor of it.

In other news, my nails look like a 1950's kitchen. Also, I love Advil. I mean it. I take Advil every day due to having the joints of an 70 year old. My liver is going to be so damaged. Speaking of being 70, I can't get enough of the Motown station on Pandora. It'll make your days brighter.

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