Friday, July 15, 2011

keep it simple.

i've been stressing out lately a whole lot. i feel like there's a giant elephant (as opposed to a normal-sized elephant) sitting on my chest. i feel guilty and terrible and i can't sleep. it's the worst. so, this weekend i'm going to keep it simple & go with the flow. i don't want to make plans or set expectations or get my hopes up. i just want have fun and actually relax.

in other news, these things are keeping me happy right now.
and not, y'know, killing people.

sartorial shots of kids.

this 1920's style dress. (i am a greedy girl)

and this gryffindor influenced outfit from Modcloth.

i hope you're all going to see harry potter this weekend.
i saw it on monday and it was awesome.
have a good (simple) weekend!

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