Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self- Depricating.

I read the GQ comedy issue at the beach this past weekend. And aside from the problematic fact that I love GQ and could see myself writing for it more than other magazine, I had a problem with something else. In the Mila Kunis interview, Mila {we're on a first name basis} said she liked Bossypants and the interviewer said that Tina Fey is "so clearly attractive and successful that I can't buy her self-deprecating stuff anymore." Here are my issues with that in numeric list form:
  1. People aren’t only self-deprecating because they’re unattractive. There are literally THOUSANDS of other things to be self-conscious of or hate about yourself! A lot of the time, you’ll find that she makes fun of herself for being a bad person, or a mother who has no control over her kid, or her previous weird haircuts and strange relationships with older lesbians. What’s wrong with that? Some people are defensive about things they’re uncomfortable with and like to make fun of it before you can. Everyone does it. But just because she’s “pretty” doesn’t mean she can't find other things wrong with herself, or constantly be nice.
  2. Tina Fey is not Liz Lemon. Liz Lemon is a character created by Tina Fey. And Liz Lemon is kind've a mess! She forfeits taking care of herself for taking care of everyone else around her and things like hygeine and personal relationships fall by the wayside. And Liz just admits to it. The other characters make fun of her and she makes fun of them. But, remember, that's Liz Lemon. Not Tina Fey.
  3. Why is it OK for male comedians (jews) to be self-deprecating but not women? Unless, of course, they’re hideous, fat lesbians. They can be as self-deprecating as they want. But being “good looking” isn’t everything. {I know, only ugly girls say that! Am I right?!} Tina Fey didn’t enter this world to be a sexy actress; she wanted to be a writer and comedian. And she succeeded. But now everyone expects her to stop making jokes about herself and stop doing what EVERY WOMEN (AND MAN) DOES ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY? That’s how she got here, why should she stop doing it? It is literally why both her and "30 Rock" are successful. And also, say, Larry David and Woody Allen.
  4. IT’S ALL JOKES. SHE’S NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO SAY “NO! YOU’RE NOT UGLY! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.” SHE IS MAKING A JOKE. When I call myself a “sea monster,” I don’t actually legitimately think that I am a sea monster! I AM MAKING A JOKE.
All right. That's enough from this sea monster. I'm going back to my sewar drain to take a nap.

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