Monday, July 18, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday!

1. oh guurl, you know i'm all about this.
maps? vintage? wallpaper? yes.
found on A Cup of Jo.
2. i want to go to there.
via You Are My Fave.

3. umbrella beach.
Kate Spade tumblr.

4. i wish this was still the norm for swimsuit style. and body type.
rib cages are all the rage these days!
Kate Spade tumblr, again.

5. a guy in a striped tie? instant lady boner.

6. also, i love pillows.
not in the same way as guys in striped ties.

7. well, yup. this pillow is the 1 for me.

8. i just bought this adorable camera bag from Jo Totes.
now i don't have to wrap my camera in a scarf.
and throw it in a duvet bag.

 9. More hot air balloons to fly in! FLY.
tick tock vintage.

10. when i first saw this, I thought it said "clam".
but, glam is okay too.
Modcloth tumblr.

happy monday!

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