Friday, July 22, 2011

we are a family. like a giant tree.

last night, matt surprised us at our awkward compliment show! i was so excited. for some reason, i've been super nostalgic this week. and i really missed the summer of 2009 because that was a really fun summer. it was the year of patty, afterall. and i was really missing matt and casey being around on wednesday night... and then the next day he showed up! and it was all wonderful.

even better, we had a really good show. like, really good. it felt so natural and comfortable and i was like "oh, right. this is why i do this! this is fun!" and i felt really lucky. not everyone gets to perform with people they're that comfortable with and legitimately best friends with. it sounds so corny... because it is.

we're a crazy little family. this was my breakdown to dibello last night, "you and mark are the older and wiser brothers. we all listen to you and respect you because you take care of us and you know what you're talking about. mat is the third child and he's the wild child who got in trouble all the time as a kid. then there's matt and casey, the twins. they're closer with each other than all of us because they're twins and they do everything together. then ryan and i are the youngest and we fight with each other like the youngest but we're also super protective of each other and are super close because of it."

i think it's a pretty on-point description of our dynamic. anyways, all i'm saying is that i feel very lucky to have a great group of guys to perform with. i really hit the jackpot. and while it's not two years ago and casey and matt live in LA now, everything's still okay. they can come back at anytime and it's totally normal.

i didn't use a SINGLE capital letter in this post. oh wait, i just ruined it.

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