Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies, Annie.

 I went to the movies last week in North Conway, New Hampshire. If you've never been to North Conway, or have never heard of it, it's pretty much a tourist town in the Mt. Washington Valley region of New Hampshire. It's very pretty and surrounded by mountains and the lakes are just wonderful.

The movie theatre is very old. It's in a building that also includes a restaurant called Panda Garden. The entire place smelled like fried rice. We bought our tickets at the concession stand. The women who sold us our popcorn was named Edie and she was on the verge of a million years old. I thought she was going to pass out when she said, "For $.50 more you can get a large popcorn and a large soda." That was a big sentence for ol' Edie. Are you getting that she's old? She's old.

The theatre could have had wood paneling in it. It didn't. But it could have. If it were built with wood paneling. I guess anything could have wood paneling if it were built with wood paneling. I'm getting off-track. Basically, it was old. Just like Edie. I mean, I felt like I was watching a movie in an actual theater and not a football stadium! What a strange thing.

I watched previews of two movies that had the same song to their trailers. "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas because both of those movies are apparently based in 2009. That was two years ago everyone! Get over that song, everyone!

That was a whole lot of snark to let you know that I saw "Crazy, Stupid, Love" last night and it was really great. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Emma Stone a whole lot, I think she stole the movie. I thought Steve Carrell was adorable. I even liked Julianne Moore, who I have had a hard time enjoying ever since the "30 Rock" debacle. But, the movie could have sucked completely and I'd still be happy because Ryan Gosling is so fucking hot. I mean, so hot. So cute. So funny. So well-dressed. So... you get it.

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