Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Lucille Ball's 100th birthday would have been last weekend. I know that because Google told me. Naturally, like I do with every celebrity death or milestone, I got obsessed with her for the day. I watched an "I Love Lucy" marathon and Google'd her and I'm still watching episodes on my computer.

Let me tell you something guys, she's amazing. I always watched the show on Nick at Night when I was a kid, and I loved it. I remember being at my neighbor's house and watching SNICK on Saturday  nights and hearing the "I Love Lucy" theme music start up right after "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and being very excited. But as I watch it now, I see so many wonderful little things. Like self-deprecation and self-awareness and things I see in my favorite sitcoms now. I see Ricky treat her like shit (as men during that time did. Darren from "Bewitched" still bothers me because of that. Just let your god damn wife be herself!) but I see Lucy say smart things and be funny and make fun of herself, too.

I'm impressed. I think she's wonderful and I'm so thankful she lived and did what she did. She opened so many doors! What are we going to do with all these open doors? Also, I'm reading Dick van Dyke's memoir. So, someone's a little nostalgic for 50's and 60's comedians. And I may have considered buying this doll set.

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