Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Polaroid Hanger.

During that hurricane we had, which thankfully didn't do much damage, I decided to get crafty with it. I have all these Polaroids hanging around and I couldn't find a creative way to hang them up. Then I decided clothes pins on string would be pretty cute! {Maybe I saw that on a blog somewhere. I mean, it's most likely.}

So, there's my new wall art. Featuring clothes pins that I painted to be a turquoise color, red ribbon, gift wrapping tape and Polaroids of my friends. {If you look closely, there's one of my friend Marirose and I when we were probably about 4 or 5.} {It's the really old looking one.}

There's also a string on my shelves. But my shelves are ugly and cluttered right now. Also, the Polaroid I took these with are on the second shelf up from the right. It's small and red. Also, I have a polar bear on my shelves. It's from a show that I was in... also, I'm twelve.

Oh, and yes, I have a Peter Pan picture frame. Along with many Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 pictures.

Y'know what, stop judging me.

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Laura said...

Greetings Patty. I just wondered taking a quick look into your DIY world. It's cool and sophisticated stuff surely. You brought an amazing beauty with some simple elements. Indeed the new wall art looks so gorgeous and attention-grabbing. I love it very much. Thanks a lot for sharing. If you need a retail clothing rack, please click. Maybe it can draw your fashioning attention.


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