Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Polaroid Hanger.

During that hurricane we had, which thankfully didn't do much damage, I decided to get crafty with it. I have all these Polaroids hanging around and I couldn't find a creative way to hang them up. Then I decided clothes pins on string would be pretty cute! {Maybe I saw that on a blog somewhere. I mean, it's most likely.}

So, there's my new wall art. Featuring clothes pins that I painted to be a turquoise color, red ribbon, gift wrapping tape and Polaroids of my friends. {If you look closely, there's one of my friend Marirose and I when we were probably about 4 or 5.} {It's the really old looking one.}

There's also a string on my shelves. But my shelves are ugly and cluttered right now. Also, the Polaroid I took these with are on the second shelf up from the right. It's small and red. Also, I have a polar bear on my shelves. It's from a show that I was in... also, I'm twelve.

Oh, and yes, I have a Peter Pan picture frame. Along with many Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 pictures.

Y'know what, stop judging me.

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