Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scenes from a Vacation.

Last week, I took a week off from work. I was stressed and I needed to get away.

One day I went to Canobie Lake and saw the Michael Jackson and Elvis tribute shows with Mary and Marty, and it was awesome. It was even awesome when Marty crushed my ribs on a ride until I couldn’t breathe and neither of us could move to stop it!

Then, my sister and I went to North Conway for a couple of days to go to places we used to go as a kid and to swim in a lake. It was great! We went mini golfing at Pirate’s Cove and ate at this amazing restaurant called White Mountain Cider Co. It was one of the most delicious meals ever. We went to Echo Lake State Park and went swimming surrounded by mountains and I read “Hunger Games” on the beach.

When I got back, I played trivia under the team name “Patty Barenaked” because that’s what happens when you show up late and weren’t there to decide on a team name. Although, I still think “Crepes of Wrath” was a better name and they should have gone with that when Trevor suggested it. We lost. Royally. But we did SO well the whole time, so it was a frustrating loss. Especially when I didn’t get the “SNL” question right. Bad comedian.

Then I tackled something I’ve always wanted to do… I went to a movie alone! I saw Midnight in Paris and I enjoyed the movie, and I enjoyed the experience of going alone. Part of me even liked it better than going with people. What’s the point of people being with you while you watch a movie? And you can leave and digest it without hearing everyone else’s opinions. So, I liked that.

We celebrated Trev’s birthday that night with too many scorpion bowls that left me with a debilitating hangover the next day. I don’t think I’ve ever whined and complained more in my life. Poor Cavan and Mary had to deal with me and put my little egg pieces back together.

I went on a Japanese cuisine adventure with Mary and Bryan! I like spicy tuna rolls.

I went to 4 malls in one day on a search for the best dress ever with no luck. And then I drank too many vodka sodas with Kelly and Mary.

I had brunch at my favorite restaurant in Boston, Gaslight, and got steak frites. I wasn’t going to, but Cavan did, and they’re just so good, so Cavan and I had steaks at 12:30pm on a Sunday and I don’t regret a thing. We also snacked on Chocolate Bread (pain au chocolate) and made the appliances talk as if they were in Beauty and the Beast.

Then we spent the rest of our day at Building 19 and Target. Because that is how you party with your friends.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful vacation. And I even missed some of my co-workers a whole lot. Which made returning to work not-so-bad… so, successful vacation.

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