Friday, August 12, 2011

summertime and the living's easy.

I KNOW. I GET IT. summer is almost over. but when i'm not listening to the motown pandora station, or the theme song to the TV show "Reba" on loop, i'm listening to the sam cooke greatest hits album i just downloaded. his voice is super sexy.

this week has been STRANGE. like, good strange. there were points where i was so anxious i could vomit everywhere {didn't} and points where i was floating 3 inches above the ground {physically impossible}and moments where i could punch someone in the face {wish i had arm strength.} i also didn't sleep very much. but whatever! i'll sleep when i'm DEAD! just kidding, i'm miserably tired. oh well, whatever, hi casey.

here's my end of week round-up of everything you should do:
  • read Dick van Dyke's memoir
  • watch "I Love Lucy" and "The Dick van Dyke Show"
  • download the songs "(What A) Wonderful World," "Chain Gang," "Cupid," and "Summertime" by Sam Cooke
  • stay up until well past 3am flirting rudely
  • play trivia with your friends and lose
  • go to Building 19 if you need an oriental rug and a lesson in religion
  • get an HPV shot. and cover it with a mickey mouse band-aid. tell everyone it was from heroin.
  • wear light blue with brown accesories. then... wear a cute bear hat and be cute.

have a good weekend!!! get CHIEFED.

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