Monday, August 8, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. polka dots and jade! new fave. old fave. strictly a fave.
found on You Are My Fave & Wit + Delight.

2. i'm a sucker for corn rows and purple outfits.
ModCloth Tumblr.

3. photos like this make me feel inspired and flittery.
is flittery a word? am i being too corny? no. yes. ok.
flickr and Modcloth Tumblr.

wit + delight.

5. harry potter cake toppers!
quick! someone marry me!

6. awesome lantern.

7. striped clutch!
also, i like her outfit.

8. i mean, how attractive is this guy?
found on That Kind of Woman

9. GUYS. that is a scarf.
found on frolic!

10. i love that bike so much!

happy monday!

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