Monday, August 15, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday.

1. because why do bad?
print from Twamies, found on You Are My Fave.

2. freeze pops are the reason i'm still alive.
Kate Spade tumblr.

3. this image is what i would call "striking."
from the designer, lemlem, and found on Oh Joy!

4. THAT IS A PUBLIC POOL. not a lake.  A POOL.
A Cup of Jo.

5. sometimes, i miss having long hair. but it never looked like that anyway.
so i guess... i'm dumb.
found on Wit + Delight. originally from here.

6. this is the most beautiful dress i've ever seen.
and it's $300. thanks anthropologie.

7. i have like, a ton of friends in kindergarten.
so this'll be a hit with them at house parties.
Poppies for Grace, found on Oh Joy!

8. she's the prettiest woman in the world.
found on Glamour.

9. i'd like to see that instead of my reflecton in a mirror!
found on ModCloth tumblr.

10. love the pattern mixing and tied up shirt!
girl after my own heart. My Style Pill.


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