Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tiny Party.

Last Friday night, Kiley and I had a party at our place. It was as hot as a sauna, unfortunately. But, I think people had fun anyway. I know I did. I know Dan Clionsky definitely did. I mean, Richie got to say a few sarcastic comments and get angry about the unused air conditioner. Matt got to mug and fake-kiss Evan. Trevor got to wear a funny hat. All's well that end's well. Or something.

{ashley's pretty.}
{that's supposed to be a sexy face, matt.}

Also, funny story! Like, really funny. Around 2am, there were cops outside of my building. They were flashing a flash  light through windows and around the streets and such. Naturally, we thought it was because of our noise! But, our apartment isn't found easily. There's no buzzer so if someone is coming in, we have to walk down and get them. And every building in the North End is connected, so if someone was calling to complain, it'd be hard to pinpoint the location of the noise! But we turned music off and shut the windows so it'd be less noisy.

Turns out they were looking for a rapist that had just accosted someone near our building and was most likely hiding in the alley behind our building.  Awesome.
{cavbot from a painting.}

{jonah and i.}


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Lindsay said...

Can I just say that until I glanced at this post a second time on my Google Reader I thought it said "Tina Party?" Which I thought was totally legit because it's you. Then I was offended because I wasn't invited.


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