Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do What You Love

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I perform many times a week in different shows or venues. I perform with different casts, even though some casts have the same people, and it really keeps things interesting. I’m an improv polygamist, basically.

But, at the end of the week, when I’m in my room watching some comedian from the 1960’s doing 50-year-old bits I don’t understand, I think “What a fun week of comedy I’ve had!” And whenever I have a bad show, there’s always a good show right after it – or at least a couple of days away. There are shows that are SUPER stressful and some that I just show up, walk on stage, walk off and hang out.

But, because of that, I have more ways to remind myself why I do what I do, and why I love doing it. I can walk away from a House Teams show feeling weird about it, then go to Awkward Compliment on Thursday and be like, “Man! That was fucking awesome!" and have a great mainstage show one week and a really weird one the next week. But, ultimately, I’m constantly on my toes and reminded what keeps me hooked...

Because it’s fun. Because I work with good people. Because it’s challenging some days, but rewarding most days. Because it sucks when I fail, but the awesome feeling I get from doing well far outweighs that. Because it’s a catalyst for tons of different career opportunities. Because people think it's cool when you tell them. {kidding.} Because I learn something new after every performance. And, most importantly, BECAUSE I LOVE DOING IT.

And when I don’t, I will stop and move on. Or complain until someone kicks me out. But until then, I’m really loving it, you guys. You should love it, too!

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