Friday, September 30, 2011


One of the great things about doing improv is the community. I'm surrounded by talented and wonderful people all the time! And I have a lot of friends. But, really, not many compare to the guys of Awkward Compliment for me. They are some of my best friends in the world. Even last night, DiBello and I did a show at Northeastern, then went to Davis Square to hang out with those idiot friends of ours for like... an hour. Then took a $30 cab ride home. Because we love them!

I miss Matt and Casey. All the time. I understand that people move and that life is a revolving door and people are constantly walking in and out of it. But I hate it! I've never missed anyone as much as those two. They're my brothers. Today is Matt's birthday. And when I realized that last night I remembered that I bought him a present that I never sent him. So, this is my temporary present to him. Until he gets the real thing... like next week. It's real cute, Matt. Like, when you open it, you'll go, "Yeah. This is a Patty gift."

Anyway, here's to Matt! The Baby Faciest of all the Baby Faces. Who would do anything for me in a heartbeat. Who would absolutely beat the shit out of anybody for me (because he likes getting into fights) (and Casey can't.) Who would help me when I'm being helped. Who would let me come over, drink bottles of wine, pass out on his couch and then he would hide my HOUSE keys so I wouldn't drive my car home drunk in a snowstorm which I would eventually do anyway... because he took my HOUSE keys. Who would give me three of the best gifts I've ever received {a giant owl, a giant picture frame with pictures of him and Casey and the above picture.} AND WHO IS THE BEST DYAD IN THE WORLD.

i love you BFG!

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