Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is Kelly's birthday.. and I wish that she didn't have to move for it. Well, for many reasons. One being that she actually has to spend her birthday moving, and the other being that she's moving away from my neighborhood. I'm really bummed about that. 

I love Kelly a whole lot. She's my best friend and the first person I call when shit hits the fan {like, really hits the fan.} And she's always there for me and she's very sweet and patient and she's a mom to a new kitten named Cat Winslet. Here are five things I would buy Kelly for her birthday:

1. hitchcock moccasins from darlingtonia.
in fact, i kind've want them. they go with my crows.

2. nsync bobble heads. or maybe just lance bass.

3. this poster of the TV show Eastwick.
which is basically Kelly, Julia and I.

4. this "Let it Be" print for her new room.

5. and these striped leggings.
so she can wear her favorite clothing item
and look like a witch at the same time!

and here's my favorite picture of me and kel in chicago.

p.s. i love that it's September 1st. love it.
i feel like tons of shit is changing... and i've been anxious.
and i'm just glad it's finally here and happening and we can all move forward with our lives.

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