Friday, September 23, 2011


Peeves is a poltergeist. In the Harry Potter world. Peeves are also annoying things. I think that's the technical definition.

Today is one of those days where everyone and everything is getting on my nerves. Nobody's particularly doing anything, but it's annoying nonetheless. And I'm not the only one. Everyone I've talked to is seemingly in a horrific mood. So, instead of beating it, I'm going to join it.

Things I hate:
- Loud chewing.
- Blisters.
- People who walk slow... specifically up stairs.
- The sound of high heels on a hardwood floor.
- Wanting attention but not getting it but not wanting to seek it, either. (This one is oddly specific.)
- Passive aggression.
- The response "yea" or "yeah" or "ye," although I have to admit I don't know many people who say "ye."
- Small talk with people I barely know.
- Dirty glasses and being too lazy to reach into your bag to get your cloth to clean them. (Again, specific.)
- Stomach aches.
- It being Friday at 2 and not Friday at 5:30.
- No Christmas trees year round.
- People who chew gum while improvising.
- The phrase, "This might be a stupid question..."
- Low battery iPod or phone battery.
- Overly defensive or argumentative people.

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