Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks Conan!

 Now that we're going into the colder months, Wednesdays have sort of become our trivia day again. We've been going to Goody's and coming up with fun team names: Crepes of Wrath, Touched by an Uncle and, most recently, Toast Busters.

The way our trivia guy does it is different. At the end there are usually two questions that you can wager up to 10 points for. If you get it wrong, you lose half of what you wagered. Well, he does 20 points. So basically, even if you're winning by a lot, you can totally lose in the last two questions. Which is the worst... especially when you were in the lead, like we were on Wednesday!

So, the first question is about Finding Nemo. Easy, got it, love a good Pixar movie. The second was this, "Which country gave women rights in 1906 before any other country, but didn't gain its own independence until 1917. Its female president was re-elected in 2006."

I said, "Guys, this might be a stretch. But I know that Conan O'Brien looks like the female president of Finland and she was recently re-elected. It's a long show, but it might be Finland." And they were debating if it could be anybody else, but then they let me wager 20 and give the answer.

WE DID IT! And we were the only team who got it correctly.

So, for that, I'd like to thank Conan O'Brien for helping us get $50 off our meal that night. We're very poor and thankful.

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