Monday, September 12, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. wow. if i ever get married, i want my hair that bright.
and my dress that length.

2. pretty hot.
tick tock vintage tumblr.

3. "supercalifragilipstick" how has nobody used that before?
Kate Spade, you've done it again.

4. this is so cute.
sent to me by Savage, found here.

5. unreal.
ModCloth blog.

6. it really is.
Keep Calm Gallery.

7. love that chevron striped vase!
Missoni for Target via

8. i can't stop looking at this picture! so pretty!
9. or this one. holy shit.
i need to stop falling in love with tattoos.

10. lovely color combination. goodbye summer :(
found here.

this is my first full week of work in... months.
so depressing.

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