Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Can Call Me Joan

I just don't feel like being me today. There's too much going on in my life that I really can't figure out. I can't make a decision. I'm anxious and confused all the time. I have too many balls in the air. And boys! Don't get me started on boys! I'm super frustrated and there's really no helping it... so, I'm going to be someone else.

I'm going to be Joan Holloway Harris.

When people talk to me, I'm going to look at them as if they should know the answer to their own question and they have no right wasting my time with silly things.

If anyone treats me poorly, I'm going to let them know that I hope they die in the Vietnam war. I mean, I know that's like super out of context and we're not in the Vietnam War anymore. But, still.

I'm going to walk around like I own the place, because let's face it, I do.

I'm going to flaunt my shiiit and strut my stuff.

I'm going to listen to the song "C'est Magnifique" and pretend I can play it on the accordion.

I'm going to be confident with who I am and make decisions that I want to make just because I feel like it. And if I make mistakes, then so be it. I'll handle them with grace and maturity  because I understand that I'm responsible for my actions. But... I don't regret them.

And oh yeah, I'll be fucking hot!

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