Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Imma Steal Your Land.

the best picture. of all time.

When I was a kid, I was always up between 7 and 8am. I loved getting up early on weekends to watch cartoons and eat cereal and play with my Barbies. I'm still an early riser, I rarely sleep past 10am... because I still want to wake up early to watch cartoons and play with Barbies. But when I do shows {all day} on Saturday, I find myself sleeping until 12 or 1 the next day. So you can imagine my chagrin when this past Sunday, after doing Saturday shows all day, I was up before 9am trying to dress up in the best Native American gear that I had.

... which was nothing. I had bought a dress, but left it at the theatre. So I wore a blue shirt dress with a camel colored sweater over it. I looked like White Irish Pocahontas... going to her first day at Harvard. But it was OK because DiBello was in jeans and Ryan was in a khaki colored corduroy cut off shorts. We really did it. Authenticity is the name of our game.

This was all to film a video with Jim Dandy, Boston's #1 two-person comedy group that more people need to know about. They're comprised of Mark O'Connell and Stephen Serwacki. They look like this:

"Hi. We're Wack and Mark. We're funny."

I'll leave out the sketch details, but I'll say this. If I could spend every tired Sunday morning with these guys {AC and friends of AC}, I would. I would quit my job, make zero dollars and never move forward with my comedy career just to hang out on a beach with these great idiots. I have so much fun. Between Mat Dann just being himself, two dogs having sex, some weird homeless {maybe?} dude yelling inappropriate things about girls' butts as they ran by but loving the shit out of us... I spent the whole morning cracking up. I like mornings like that.

So, you'll probably just have to come see the Jim Dandy show in November to see what we helped them with. They have the most hilarious minds. Nobody makes me laugh more! And no one turns me on more... than Brendan in a wig.

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