Friday, October 14, 2011

No, Patty, no.

The other night I fell down a flight of stairs. I do that a lot. I'm very clumsy. I got right up and said, "I'm fine." Because like I said, I fall a whole lot. Turns out I had a concussion.

I don't remember the entire night after the fall. I don't even remember leaving the bar after it. I apparently stayed up for a few more hours... don't remember any of that. And I woke up in my friend's bed with the worst headache of my life and immediately threw up several times. I sat on his chair and just cried for what felt like hours because I didn't know what to do...

So, naturally, I went to work. No make-up. Frizzy hair from the rain. Same outfit from the previous night. Pale skin from dehydration. A co-worker saw me and literally got so scared that she immediately told my boss that I had to go home. I did and I tried to sleep, then I realized what had happened and that I probably had a concussion. Everyone said, "Don't mess around with your brain!" And that terrified me. So... I spent hours and hours and hours in the emergency room. First they said it was nothing. Then they said I might have a blood clot in my brain. So... six terrifying hours later, they told me I was fine and just had a concussion... and now I'm left with a huge headache that wraps around my head like a head band.

Needless to say, Party Owl is going to take a time-out this weekend. And never, ever walk again.

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