Friday, October 28, 2011

Style Muse: Cher Horowitz

Clueless. One of my favorite movies of all time! And it always will be. Just like nearly every other girl in her early (mid) twenties. It was the first movie I saw when I was younger that left a lasting sartorial impression on me. I was obsessed with that movie. I think I even saw it several times, bought the soundtrack and then ran out to my local Tello's to get whatever I could find to dress like Cher. And I still see things in stores and think "Cher!"

Once, I bought (or, my mom did) a sheer white blouse and I wanted to wear it for picture day at school. I believe I also paired it with a plaid skirt. I went downstairs for breakfast and my dad freaked out. Or as Cher would say, he went totally balistic. It was the first, and probably the last, time he ever got involved in whether my fashion choices made me look smart or slutty. And I think it's also the last time he threw a chair across a room angrily. Man, fun times.

But, the good news is, the 90's are now vintage. The style is coming back and it's cool again. I once heard that if you were alive to wear it the first time, you shouldn't wear it again. Dumb! I love pretending I'm from the 60's on a constant basis - but sometimes a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and Doc Martens feel like the most perfect outfit in the world.

Also, I'm really excited for berets. I won't wear them. But I'm glad they're here. And knee high socks. And back packs. Here is my updated for 2011 Cher Horowitz look. All of these things were cool in the 90's, went away for a while and now... they're back! Thank God. Now let's all go play suck and blow!

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