Monday, October 31, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday: Halloween Style

I'm not going to lie. I'm not a big Halloween fan. When I was a kid, I was! I always had a Halloween party and my friends would sleep over and we'd have fun. But, as I grew up, it got old. I don't like scary movies, I don't like the pressure of dressing up. It's like New Year's Eve to me. Except I love New Year's Eve, so... that analogy didn't work.

I will say, this year I'm really excited. I'm in a Halloween show tonight that is going to be super awesome. (8pm at IA! Come on down!) I'm dressing up afterwards, whether I want to or not. And I'm going to have fun with my friends. So, here's some things to love!

have I told you guys that I like Michael Jackson?
i like Michael Jackson.

2. ghost necklace.

3. trick or treat card.

4. re-designed Dial M for Murder poster.
that Grace Kelly was quite a looker, huh?

5. my sister's halloween costume one year!!!
{Me: There is a picture of you in black face!
Betsy: No, it's supposed to be soot and dirt!
Me: Mom, did you put Betsy in black face?
Mom: Yes.}
6. owls are halloweeny, right?
8. homemade carmen san diego costume.

10. awesome bat decor.
{i used this template for my office.}

happy halloween!!

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