Monday, October 17, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday.

{kelly & jules both call me patrice. so... i seeing it warms my cold heart!}

2. there's also the patrice top.
funny thing is, they're both totally my style.
maybe the top a little more.

3. cool graffiti.

4. framed wallpaper. such a cute idea!
Lauren Conrad.
{i secretly love her.}

5. holy shit, those shoes. shoes of my DREAMS.
Garance Dore.

6. for when i don't want to deal with real men,
i'll talk to these little guys!
A Cup of Jo.

7. those nails, that necklace, her blog.
{bleubird vintage}

8. i am GREEN with ENVY! hahhahaha. no? ok.
i am a greedy girl.

9. love these carnival postcards from The Black Apple!

10. i also just really love this print.
check out The Black Apple shop, it's so warm and fuzzy and great.

happy monday, everyone!

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