Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yoga Challenge.

 Last January/February, I did a 21-day yoga challenge. It was one of the best things I've ever done. Sure, I pulled a muscle in my back and didn't realize how badly I had actually hurt it until MONTHS later. That's beside the point! It was just nice to be super dedicated to it every single day and to feel good about myself and see how strong my body got! So strong I can lift a small dog! Plus, I lost like fifteen pounds and that was sweet.

I decided to do it again. At the WORST time. The first time, it was the dead of winter. There was nothing to do but sit around and sulk {except me! who did yoga! then sulked.} And I had a lot of free time in my schedule to play around with. I knew what days I'd be waking up early and what days I'd be able to do it after work. I had only two shows a week and no rehearsals, so it was great!

Now, even just thinking of this past weekend, I was in my apartment for maybe 15 hours and I was sleeping for 13 of them. I'm constantly running around. {And, uh, falling down.} I have shows, rehearsals, classes... in addition to that pesky day job of mine! And in addition to having fun with my friends and sending sexy pictures of my calf muscles to random men. I'm in the midst of a pretty stressful month already... so why not throw something else in the mix? Oh, brother.

If you're interested, I based it on a challenge I read about in Yoga Journal. They have specific things to do on each day, but I didn't do that. I just took the idea of "doing yoga every single day for 21 days" as my philosophy and I ran with it. Or, uh, stretched with it. Get it? Yoga humor! Some days I did it for 20 minutes, others I did it for 60. I highly recommend it. Or 21 days of doing anything you like... whether it's not eating meat or running or stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Here's to not failing! Also, I just used that picture at the top for the following reasons: I like my hair, I wanted to show off my giant hipster glasses and my  boobs were "happening" that night. {As Roberto would say.} It's my blog and I can boob if I want to.

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