Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheer Up, Kid!

Sometimes people just need a little cheering up, even if everything in their life is going pretty well. Like today, I’m in a good mood. But, I’m a little disheartened. So, here are some tried and true tips on cheering yourself up. xox

1. Pretend you’re going out with someone handsome and put an outfit together.

3. Then, inspired by that, put on Adele’s album and sing it at the top of your lungs. (Even if there’s no way, no how your voice could go that high.)

4. Watch Elf.

5. Watch The Muppet Show on YouTube in preparation for the movie coming out!

6. Read the December issue of GQ while drinking a glass of whiskey. Just kidding. Whiskey’s kinda gross and should only be drunk when trying to impress a man. Just kidding, that is also pretty gross. Be yourself. Your gross self.

7. Go fake shopping at Anthropologie and cry. A lot. Because you're poor and you always will be!

8. Drink a bottle of wine. Watch an episode of 30 Rock and laugh really, really hard. 30 Rock has a lot of jokes per minute.

9. Drink a mug of Swiss Miss. NOT FANCY HOT CHOCOLATE. Drink the cheap, nostalgic shit!

10. Look at Facebook photo albums of fun times with your friends. And remember you have friends. Good friends. Really great friends. 

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